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No. hn2973, Iron kettle of Mount-Fuji scenery, silver and gold inlay iron kettle, made by Tamotsu Hannya

Made in Japan with a certificate.
All of the iron kettles, silver teakettles, teapots on Kiryudo store are made in Japan, each item has a certificate.

Item NO: 11-tn-tb-hn2973

・Size(approximately):diameter 17cm, width 20.5cm(to spout)
・Height(approximately):to knob 15cm, to handle(max)23cm
・Mount-Fuji scenery
・With a wooden box
・Sougata cast
・Artist is Tamotsu Hannya
・Made in Japan

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The title of replica means the item was originally made between 1868 and 1988. Now, it is duplicated by the modern cast technology with Takaoka traditional technique. And the original beautiful design is faithfully reflected.

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The iron kettle takes a few days to deliver, thank you very much for your understanding.

Art and crafts master, Tamotsu Hananya’s profile

In 1993, he won the champion of President award in Japan traditional art work exhibition.
In 2016, he was awarded of The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays by Japan government.
He is a regular member of Japan Art association, traditional art and crafts master, regular member of metalworking association, vice president of Toayama cast and wood model skill committee, grade 1 skilled artist, member of Skill Test committee.

In 1941, was born in Takaoka. Syukan and Kankei are elder brothers.
In 1959, was working and learning from his father in his father workshop and mastered cast and metal work technique.
In 1969, was learning Sogata model cast, pattern-making by spatula, Hikigara model cast, transform methods, from the caster artist, Giyiti Nakamura.
In 1975, was selected and participate the Fifth Japan Metal Work exhibition. Later 30 times were selected.
In 1977, won the Minister of Education award, the exhibition pieces were collected by the National Museum of Modern Art.
Later 28 times were selected.
In 1979, become a teacher of Toyama skill development center.
In 1983, won champion of Minster of education, trade industry award in Youngster Traditional Art Exhibition.
In 1992, won Tokyo Education Committee prize.
In1993, won President award in Japan Traditional Art Exhibition. The exhibition pieces were collected by Takaoka Art Museum.
In 1994, won Masahiko Katori prize in 3rd exhibition.
In 1995, made flower Vase by different metal which was presented to royal family.
In 1997, awarded Takaoka Citizen Culture Prize.
In 2001, won President of Japan Art Association Prize in Japan Metal Art Exhibition.
In 2004, authorized Tradition Art and Crafts Master by Tradition Industry Association.
Authorized Takaoka Traditional art and crafts preserver.
In 2009, won Grand prix in Sano Renaissance Exhibition.
In 2014, participate Toyama Traditional Art and Crafts promotion exhibition in New York.
In 2015, awarded Takaoka Valuable Citizen.
In 2016, made a pair of large flower vase for Yakushiji Temple
The same year he was awarded The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays.
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