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No.tb84sa,Kibundo iron sand kettle(teakettle) replica , design is country scenery with silver inlay on the body, Made in Japan, about 1.6L, iron sand kettle

Made in Japan with a certificate.
All of the iron kettles, silver teakettles, teapots on Kiryudo store are made in Japan, each item has a certificate.
◎ What is iron sand kettle?

Iron sand kettle is mainly made of iron sand which is different material from iron. In ancient Japan, it was a main material of iron products. But now it is substituted by iron ore, so most mine is closing. Iron sand is necessary material for making Japanese Katana. Japan wants to protect crafts technique of Katana, government prohibits mine exploitation except for the purpose of making Katana on certain time in limited area.,so there is no method to get the material. Meanwhile, producing iron sand kettle needs special techniques, that’s why a few craftsmen make them. One the other hand, iron sand kettle takes much time and effort than usual iron kettle, furthermore only few of them can be made because of material. These are why iron sand kettle gets rare and precious in Japan.

◎ What’s the feature of iron sand kettle?

Iron sand kettle can emit beautiful high pitched sound if you gently knock it. Because iron sand is harder than usual iron. So it makes the iron kettle not easy to get rust. Even if it becomes rust, it is very hard to get serious. So the iron sand kettle can have a long lifetime. Besides iron sand kettle can get more delicious water than usual.

Tips and Notes As we mentioned iron sand kettle is a hard material, but if you hit it or drop it, it probably gets crack or damage. In addition, if the temperature changes dramatically, for example, fill cold water into high temperature iron sand kettle. It probably gets crack. If so, the iron sand kettle can’t be repaired. The iron sand kettle doesn’t match induction stove. Please use gas stove, wood stove or some stoves made for the specials.


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The title of replica means the item was originally made between 1868 and 1988. Now, it is duplicated by the modern cast technology with Takaoka traditional technique. And the original beautiful design is faithfully reflected.

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Item NO: 11-tn-tb-tb84sa

・Size(approximately):diameter 16.5cm, width 19cm(to spout)
・Height(approximately):to lid knob 15cm、to handle(max)22.5cm
・Body material: iron sand
・The moon and birds are silver inlay
・Design is a country scenery
・The knob inlays silver
・Knob attachment is silver
・With a wooden box
・Wax casting
・Made in Japan

※Because this item is a hand-made one, every item has a little difference. Thanks for your understanding.
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