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Company WakuwakuSuru Co.,Ltd.
Address 2-1-16, Miyuki-Cho, Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture 933-0954, Japan
Tel (+81)766-28-7747
FAX (+81)766-32-1870
Business hours 8:30a.m.~5:30p.m. Tokyo time
Monday to Friday (Excluding Japanese holidays)
Founded 1927
Establishment March 19th, 2004
Capital Ten million yen
Business content Japanese artworks / Online store business
Announce of Antique Business License

Statement of Antique Business License

Antique Dealer License No: 501230008361, authorized by National Public Safety Commission, Toyama prefecture

wakuwakusuru Co.,Ltd.  Artwork field dealer


Company History

WakuwakuSuru co.,Ltd. was established in 2004, to focus on Internet business, and it was one of the companies in Takenaka Group which was set up in 1927.

In 2014, Kiryudo was built up as a brand shop for Japanese iron kettles in WakuwakuSuru co.,Ltd.

1927 Set up a copper processing workshop in Miyakawamachi, Takaoka,Toyama,
1932 Coated The Great Buddha of Takaoka
1945 Officially registered company as Takenaka Seisakusho
1966 Made the Syachihoko(an animal in Japanese folklore) for Imperial Palace
1968 Started business with WAKO GINZA
1976 Made the Sanmen Daikokuten(a Buddha) for Hieizan Enryakuji (a famous temple)
1988 Made Prometheus statue which designed by Naoki Tominaga(sculptor) for NIPPON OIL CORPORATION
1995 Built official website and began Internet service
1999 Built an internet department as T3 Collection
2000 Repaired the Peace Statue which designed by Seibou Kitamura(a sculptor) in Nagasaki city
2000 Awarded The Shop of Year 2000 in Rakuten market T3 Collection
2004 Became independent as WakuwakuSuru Co.,Ltd.
2013 Started iron kettles and silver teapots business WakuwakuSuru Co.,Ltd.
2014 Built a brand shop of Kiryudo


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