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Privacy Policy and Site Policy

Kiryudo is managed by WakuwakuSuru co.,Ltd.
Kiryudo always takes your personal information as one of the most important tasks in running business.  In order to ensure your privacy, Kiryudo states the following fundamental principles and strictly complies with them.
Kiryudo promises that all customer information is handled in a safe and responsible manner.
In some occasions, such as registration and purchase, it is necessary customers provide information, but Kiryudo only requires the minimum information which concerns to you. The other or more information whether you provide, Kiryudo respects customer choice.

Use of Personal Information

Kiryudo only collects minimal necessary customer information.
Kiryudo promises only use customer information to provide our services that are greed upon does not provide or disclose it to third parties.
There are some exceptional occasions, for example, when we need to protect our customers safety and property, Kiryudo have to submit them to prevent crime according to the legal process.
The fraud is one of the examples.
The information provides to us can be deleted or changed by customer request. Kiryudo will work on it as soon as possible.
Some technology data and the data do not identify or contact a single person do not include, such as access data and so on.


The copyright which includes all of the articles, photographs, pictures, arrangements and structures and so on is belonging to Kiryudo.
Kiryudo rejects copy or use these contents exceeding the shopping purposes or laws without permission.

About linking to Kiryudo 

Kiryudo refuses the following sites to link.

Sites obviously that object to public order and moral disciplines.
Sites obviously that break Japanese social common sense.
Sites that have pornographic or eroticism contents.
Sites relating to crime and anti-social action.
Sites insulting individual, other company or organization
Sites impede Kiryudo business.
Except for above sites, Kiryudo also refuses sites which are not appropriate.

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